The Unfiltered Thoughts of a Pastor in Exile

a toolbox to deconstruct your faith without losing it

I cannot give you the truth, but I can give you some tools, so you can search for it.

So, I call myself a Pastor in Exile. What a promising, unique name, what an excellent conversation starter, and what a beginning to a story. Once upon a time, there was a pastor in exile. Actually, I was never a pastor, but a teacher in the fivefold ministry. But “teacher in exile” somehow doesn’t work—it makes you think of school.

Born a Swiss pagan, I had quite a bit of church history behind me when I finally gave my life to Jesus, as we fundamentalist evangelical Christians call our conversion.

I had been technically born Protestant, had attended a house church patterned after the Jesus People movement in the 1970s and an evangelical church five years later, had gone to school in a Catholic boarding school, and had lived with Quakers, Lutherans, and Jews. Next, I was embarking on a journey with charismatics, had a long journey with an apostolic network that grew from Word of Faith, and today call myself probably a post-christian.

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